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Common cold: this might help to get better sooner.

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Colds are caused by viruses, and Common Cold symptoms are the body’s attempt to protect itself from these intruders. Acupressure stimulates your body natural ability to heal and balance itself, to expel the viruses more quickly and get better sooner.

Here, you can find an easy acupressure routine to reestablish the balance and boost your immune system. Each paragraph will cover specific symptoms, use the points related to your condition.

Sometimes doing this routine may seem to worsen your symptoms, but this is just because acupressure stimulates your body to expel the virus more quickly, so this is just a sign of improvement.

Acupressure points to relieve cold and flu

What I’m sharing with you in this blog post and the YouTube video (you can find it below) is what I usually do when I get a cold.

This easy exercise includes the stimulation of several acupressure points located on our bodies. When pressing them you should never feel pain or uncomfortable.

How to do it

Press each point for at least one minute on both sides of the body, while you are breathing deeply.

The first stage of a cold

LI 4 Joining the Valley Forbidden in pregnancy

Location: At the highest spot of the muscle on the back of the hand that protrudes when the thumb and index fingers are close together.

Used to: Relieve colds, head congestion, headache, constipation.

LU 7 Broken sequence

Location: Above the wrist on the inside of the arm. Interlock your thumb and index finger of one hand with those of the other, the point is on the edge of the index finger, in a depression between the sinew and the bone.

Used to: Initial stage of the common cold, sneezing, loss of smell, cough, and asthma.

Points for stuffy nose, head congestion, and frontal headache

L.I.20 Welcoming Perfume

Location: On either cheek, outside each nostril.

Used to: Nasal constipation, sinus pain, facial swelling

ST3 Facial Beauty

Location: At the bottom of the cheekbones, directly below the pupils.

Used to: Relieve stuffy nose, head congestion, burning eyes, eyes fatigue, eyes pressure.

GV 24.5 Third Eye Point

Location: Between the eyebrows, where the bridge of your nose meets your forehead.

Used to: Stuffy nose, head congestion, headache.

B2 Drilling Bamboo

Location: Where the bridge of the nose meets the ridge of the eyebrows.

Used to: sinus congestion, frontal headache, tired eyes.

Points for headache, head congestion, and stiff neck

GB 20 Gates of consciousness

Location: Below the base of the skull, in the hollow on both sides, two to three inches apart depending on the size of the head

Used to: headaches, head congestion, neck pain, irritability

GV 16 Wind Mansion

Location: In the centre of the back of the head, in the large hollow under the base of the skull.

Used to: Head congestion, mental stress, headaches, stiff neck, and red eyes.

Acupressure points for relieving coughing

K 27 Elegant Mansion

Location: in the hollow below the collarbone next to the breastbone.

Used to: Chest congestion, breathing difficulties, coughing, and sore throat.

CV 22 Heaven Rushing Out

Location: At the base of the throat in the large hollow, directly below Adam’s apple.

Used to: Relief dry cough, bronchitis, sore throat, chest congestion, and heartburn.

How to manage the points on the back.

To manage the back points easily, please lay down ​on a yoga math, with the sole of your feet on the floor and your knee bent. Use two tennis balls to press the points that you cannot reach with your hands. Each couple of points should lay on the balls for one minute. Breathe deeply during the exercise and don't use too hard balls.

B 10 Heavenly Pillar

Location: One-half inch below the base of the skull, at the sides of the spine.

Used to: Relieve sore throat, stress, burnout, heaviness of the head.

B 38 Vital Diaphragm Location: Between the shoulder blade and the spine, at the level of the heart.

Used to: Relieve coughing, breathing difficulties, respiratory problems. Calming point to balance emotions.

EX 17 Ding Chuan

Location: At the top of the back's spine, at the sides of the big vertebra, a little above it.

Used to: Relieve throat problems, cough, shoulder and neck pain.

And don't forget to rest, drink plenty of warm water, and eat healthy food. Our immune system works better if we are relaxed, and well hydrated.

Would you like more information about shiatsu and acupressure? Do you want to book a shiatsu session with me?

I practice in Manchester for in person treatment or I offer one to one self-shiatsu guided session online.

Important: If you feel uncomfortable doing the exercise or if you find it painful, please stop it immediately. Please note that the instructions provided in this blog are general and cannot substitute for the advice of a medical professional. Please consult with your physician before beginning any exercise programme. You should understand that when participating in any form of exercise there’s the possibility of physical injury. If you use this video/blog, you agree that you do so at your own risk and agree to release and discharge Barbara Medda from any claims that may arise.

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