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Shiatsu Manchester

How many treatments do I need?

How many treatments does the receiver needs, may vary from person to person. It is often possible to have significant changes just after the first session, whereas in other cases a longer series of treatments may be necessary, agreed with the client. The interval between treatments is usually one week but, depending on the need of the client, the cadence can also be fortnightly, monthly, or whenever you want.


What should I wear during a Shiatsu treatment?

Comfortable clothes are indicated during the treatment, like a loose sweater, comfortable trousers or leggings, and socks Botton and zip should be avoided.

Can I eat before a treatment?

It is better to leave some time between eating and having a shiatsu treatment.

Is Shiatsu a massage?

Shiatsu is a holistic therapy deeply relaxing that treats the whole body using a wide range of techniques, indeed the practitioner can be used not only palm and fingers to treat the body but also when appropriate elbow and knees. Frequently stretching and rotation are used to improve the benefit of Shiatsu.

When is better to avoid Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is a very safe therapy, but you should inform your practitioner of any condition that has been diagnosed by the physician.

Shiatsu has to be avoided in case of infectious disease, internal bleeding, or clots, and any acute feverish illness.

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