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Zen Shiatsu

Manchester UK

Shiatsu treatments and acupressure massage in Manchester

Shiatsu treatments are used to:
 balance the body-mind
improves the overall wellbeing
 support physical, and emotional stress relief.

What is shiatsu

Shiatsu is a deeply relaxing, therapeutic body-work that originated in Japan.

The practitioner uses palming, thumbing, pressing, and stretching techniques to improve and balance energy and blood circulation.


How shiatsu works

According to Chinese medicine, in which shiatsu has its roots, when the Ki (energy) is stagnant it generates illness, when Ki flows freely it generates health.

Shiatsu balancing the body energy's circulation (called Ki) moves the individual toward a higher sense of well-being and major personal growth. 



Which conditions shiatsu is good for

People worldwide use Shiatsu to treat a wide range of internal, musculoskeletal, and emotional conditions. It is thought to reduce muscle stiffness, stimulate the skin, enhance digestion, and have a positive effect on the nervous system.


What my clients used shiatsu for

My clients use Shiatsu  for a wide range of acute, and chronic conditions such as:


• stress and burnout

• musculoskeletal problems (back pain, neck strain, shoulders tension, etc...) 

• digestive issues (poor digestion, IBS, heartburn)

• fatigue, insomnia

• support with fibromyalgia, arthritis

• anxiety, stress

• support with mental health (depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD)

• support during pregnancy 

• support with a challenging time, loss, and bereavement

• Trauma, and PTSD

• Woman health (PMS, Period pain, perimenopause, menopause)


The effect may be stimulating and invigorating or calming and sedative, depending on the aim of the session.


"The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well.” 
shiatsu acupressure massage manchster uk

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything"

What to expect from a treatment

During your treatment, you will lay down on a coziest padded mat, or massage bed covered by a sheet or blanket. You will be comfortably fully clothed, and no oil is used. Each session may include an initial chat with the practitioner, to understand the aim of the treatment.

Shiatsu History

Shiatsu was developed in Japan in the early part of the 20th century. Its roots are in Chinese Medicine, the Japanese massage Amna and the zen eastern philosophy.

Shiatsu has developed different branches during the time and I practice Zen Shiatsu that has derived by S. Masunaga which incorporated in the new practice the experiences of his studies in western psychology, anatomy, and physiology. 

Shiatsu and science

Shiatsu is one of the most popular complementary therapy worldwide.

Scientific researches and studies have been done all around the world about the benefits of shiatsu. The European Shiatsu Federation keep us updated about all the new researches and results.

The Energy medicine studied by Western science evidence how Shiatsu works at a cellular level.

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