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Japanese Shiatsu Facial Rejuvenation Massage

 A natural, non-invasive facelift that combines shiatsu, acupressure, and oil massage designed to rejuvenate your skin, leaving your face fresh, vibrant and youthful.

Benefits of Japanese Shiatsu Facial Rejuvenation treatments

  • Lift and tone facial and neck muscles

  • Improves circulation to your face

  • Minimises facial sagging and onset of wrinkles

  • Encourages healthy cell growth for damaged or scarred skin

  • Reduces facial pain

  • Maximises skin elasticity and facial mobility

  • Eliminates toxins from tired or tense muscles

  • Improves mental clarity and concentration

  • Lifts your mood and promotes well-being

  • Brings Ki (life force) to facial tissues

What is Japanese Shiatsu Facial Rejuvenation massage ?

Japanese Facial Rejuvenation massage is a natural non-invasive face-lift, that combines the therapeutic and healing benefits of eastern and western massage.

This facial is a combination of oil massage*, shiatsu and acupressure.


You will feel revitalised and nourished, with your face feeling toned, your skin refreshed and your complexion healthy and vibrant. This deeply relaxing facial is excellent for maintaining healthy skin, relaxing muscle tension and reducing facial and jaw pain.

*NB If preferred no oil is used.

*The oils used are 100% botanical, natural, vegan end cruelty-free, produced in the UK

*Hypoallergenic Facial Oil fragrance-free for sensitive skin

How Japanese Shiatsu Facial Rejuvenation differs from other facial massages

Many facials are focused on products or the use of electronic devices, whereas Japanese facial massage has its strengths in the manual techniques used, all extremely beneficial for your beauty and wellbeing.

  • Facial acupressure and Shiatsu bring a healthy flow of vitality or ‘Ki’ energy to the face and complexion 
  • Massage improves blood circulation and muscle tone 
  • Fascial release aids the elimination of waste products

In addition to this, you will benefit from the hand or foot massage which stimulates and relax many different areas of the body.

What happens in a session

You will receive massage, shiatsu and acupressure on the neck and face – oil massage to tone and release muscular tension – 5 minutes massage on hands or feet – gentle massage to eliminate toxins (nb no oil used if preferred). The entire treatment lasts one hour.

You can also book a two-hour treatment that includes a one-hour full body shiatsu session and one-hour Japanese Facial Rejuvenation.

Head Massage

Maintaining a youthful face

Although a difference can be seen after just one treatment the effects are cumulative and work best over a course of six weekly treatments, followed by monthly maintenance treatments.


Home care advice and exercises might be given at the end of your first treatment if applicable. These are designed to reinforce and complement treatments. 

Clinic Price List

Japanese Shiatsu Facial Rejuvenation initial consultation and treatment  £75 (75 minutes)
Japanese Shiatsu Facial Rejuvenation follow-up £65/£75 (60/75 minutes)
Japanese Facial Rejuvenation plus Shiatsu session full body £120  (two-hour treatment)
10% discount when booking six treatments in three months, payable in advance 

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