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I had never tried Shiatsu before and wasn't sure what to expect. Barbara is clearly skilled and I felt really relaxed as she worked her magic. She was able to pick up when the pressure needed adjusting and so I felt very comfortable with her. At the end she gave me an exercise I could practise at home. I would highly recommend Barbara! Thank you for a lovely first experience, I will be back! 

Tania P.

I went for a Shiatsu treatment after a friend suggested it to me. I had a few injuries and surgery on my knees, so I usually feel some pain down there and I could really use some help.
I met Barbara at her clinic. She worked on my entire body for one hour and I could litterally feel the pain leaving my knees. She applied pressure on many parts of my body, as if she was following a path.
The pain in my knees disappeared for a month. After that I decided to make it a regular appointment for me every other week. With time I noticed that my health is getting generally better: not only the ache is gone, I also feel less stressed.
I feel so good every time, that I would recomend it to everybody.

George T.

Barbara is fantastic, she certainly knows what she's doing and she's great at that. I had a neck so stiff that I couldn't sleep at night, but after her Shiatsu my excruciating pain became just an ailment. A week later I had the second treatment and it was like I had never had a stiff neck.
And on top of that, I felt much more relaxed.
The treatment is comfortable, you just need to wear a tracksuite and a shirt. I went to the first treatment wearing a hoodie with a zipper and that was a mistake, since Barbara needs to apply pressure on your body and zippers and buttons don't help you. So don't make my mistake.
I highly recommend Barbara and I know I will be back.

James L.

Barbara introduced me to shiatsu. Initially I thought it was just a massage but it is much more than that. It helped me a lot with my back and neck problems.....it has a long lasting positive effect on me. Thanks Barbara!

Valentina M.

I had my first Shiatsu treatment with Barbara after my divorce, she helps me not only to relieve my grief but also to  improve my awareness about my body and breathing, before I didn't realise that my breath was blocked. She gaves me some exercise as well to improve my breathing and body flexibility. Receiving Shiatsu from Barbara is always surprising because it is a self-discovery.