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Shiatsu and acupressure massage Manchester

Barbara Medda


Zen Shiatsu

Manchester UK

Barbara Medda


Zen Shiatsu

Manchester UK

"Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain."

Balance yourself

Shiatsu therapy and acupressure massage are holistic hands on bodyworks approach which are deeply relaxing, regenerating and rebalancing.

Shiatsu support individual to move toward a greater sense of health and wellbeing on different aspect of a person: physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual. 

Shiatsu works on the energetic level through the body-works.

Shiatsu sessions are indicated in case of stress-related problems and for preventivate healthcare.

Some benefits of Shiatsu:

- stress management

- anxiety relief

- improve sleep pattern 

- pain relief (e.g. back pain, sore neck, shoulders ache, legs....)

- stiff neck relieve

- relieve tension

- improve body mobility

- support with grief and other strong emotions

- improve energy and creativity

- improve digestion, menstrual health and sleep pattern

- support with fibromyalgia, sciatica, frozen shoulder, depression

and more... 


Barbara Medda


Zen Shiatsu

Manchester UK

About me

Hello, my name is Barbara Medda. I'm a Shiatsu and acupressure massage therapist registered with the Shiatsu Society  (MRSS).

In Rome (Italy) I began my studies in 2015 at the Igea school of Shiatsu continued at the E.S.I. (European Shiatsu Institute); both the schools are accredited by the F.I.S.I.E.O. (Italian Shiatsu Federation).I attended the last year of study and  I graduated at the Shiatsu College in Manchester, UK  after 3 years of training.

To have had the opportunity to change different schools, allowed me to experiment and mixed different Shiatsu styles.

 I never stopped studying in depth and expanding my knowledge in Shiatsu, chinese medicine, body-work snd spirituality, because I love my job deeply.

I’ve been practicing yoga and meditation since 2000. I'm always been interested in zen and oriental philosophies as well as in holistic therapies. I also love drawing, practicing qi-gong and walking in nature.

My Shiatsu is focused on improving my client's quality of life through restoring strength, flexibility and energy from body tensions and past injuries, reducing the effects of emotional pain and stress on the body and encouraging mind-body awareness. 

I frequently use to give to my clients, gentle and easy exercice to do or simply suggestion to speed up the healing process.

I've always believed that a healthy body gives us a healthy mind and vice versa, because everything is connected. This is why, when I tried Shiatsu for the first time and I experimented the benefits on myself, I decided that yes I would like to receive Shiatsu for the rest of my life, and that, yes again, I would like to give Shiatsu to the others.

 I love Shiatsu because is a state of harmony.




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