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Trauma Informed Practice

What Shiatsu Therapy is
Complementary therapy for your wellbeing

Shiatsu Therapy is a unique non-invasive manual therapy that originated in Japan. People find it deeply relaxing and it stimulates and supports the body's natural ability to heal and balance itself.

The aim of Shiatsu is to promote the free flow of Ki (the Japanese word for Energy) in the individual, to support bodymind and spiritual health.

Shiatsu uses acupressure, stretching, rotations, and gentle rocking to improve the natural flow of Ki (energy) in the body-mind.

What Shiatsu is good for

A variety of charities, health foundations, NHS trusts and hospitals in the United Kingdom provide Shiatsu to support patients whilst receiving treatment for a range of health issues and to help them maintain their general wellbeing.


People worldwide use Shiatsu to improve body-mind wellbeing and preventative healthcare.

• supports healing

• improves mood

  helps relaxation 

stress management

• improves sleep patterns

• eases tension and pain 

• improves body mobility and flexibility

• improves energy, vitality and creativity

• supports during life changes

Shiatsu does not replace medical care but is intended to support the healing process. If you have health concerns please consult your GP.


About me

Barbara Medda
MRSS, CNHC regd.

Zen Shiatsu
Manchester UK

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I am a registered qualified Trauma-Informed Shiatsu practitioner, acupressure massage therapistand teaching assistant at the Manchester Shiatsu College,member of the Shiatsu Society Uk, and registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.

 I have been practising Shiatsu since 2015. I am a teaching assistant at Shiatsu College Manchester. I have experience in delivering safe shiatsu treatments to clients affected

by a wide range of chronic and acute physical and mental health conditions.

I also offer Japanese Facial Rejuvenation treatments for sustainable beauty and well-being.

How I work 

My Shiatsu is person-centred, focused on supporting my client's wellbeing, and quality of life, encouraging mind-body awareness.

The first session is one hour and fifteen minutes long, It includes a health assessment and a chat about what the client wants to achieve with shiatsu.

The follow-up sessions are one hour long, they include a chat with the client about what they want to achieve with that session.

Supporting my clients is my very priority so when applicable I give them gentle and easy exercises – tailored to their needs – to enhance the effects of the shiatsu sessions.


Where you can find me

My shiatsu practice is based in Manchester City Centre (Northern Quarter) and in Manchester South (Chorlton). Occasionally I offer home visits. Please ask.


Barbara Medda
MRSS, CNHC regd.
Zen Shiatsu
Manchester UK

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